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Shelley Klausman

I have always been a lover of design, art, and unique places. I am a graduate of Rollins College and my professional life has been creating unique and personal residential and commercial interior design projects.

My interior design career includes owning and operating a retail design shop and studio in Winter Park. I later opened Winter Park Interior Design, in my former studio off Park Avenue, in Winter Park. I’ve been fortunate to have received recognition and awards for my interior designs, including Show House Awards and “The Smartest Design Award” for showcasing a creative, dramatic, and functional design for a small interior space.

What’s most gratifying is seeing the pleasure clients have by my creating unique interiors that reflect their passions and tastes.

I’ve enjoyed creating interior designs for new residential construction, including for model homes for builders. Starting with a fresh palette and creating and selecting exterior and interior paint colors and all of the furnishings and accessories to create the story of the “family” in a model home is enjoyable. I’ve helped clients with both large and small residential remodeling. I’ve also designed commercial remodeling including interior design for large churches, offices, and even a recording studio at the Church Street Station complex for the Backstreet Boys band.

I believe how we design our personal living space and our work space is our unique personal expression of who we are. I love to create an atmosphere that draws people in and makes them feel as the French say, “Etre bien dans sa peau,” which translated is “To feel good in your skin.”

Whether it’s blending the elegance of classics with a modern twist, or renovating a project from formal to an updated industrial look, I enjoy creating sensual layered interiors. I have been fortunate to have traveled in Europe and South America, and I enjoy shopping for unique items that help reflect the individuality of what my clients are seeking in their interior design project.

There is always something new we design with our home and work spaces to make life more enjoyable.

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Interior Design by Shelley Klausman Interiors

Interior Design by Shelley Klausman Interiors

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Interior Design by Shelley Klausman Interiors

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Interior Design by Shelley Klausman Interiors
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Interior Design by Shelley Klausman Interiors

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